EDGEBRIGHT & LEOFWYN, or LEOFWYN & EDGEBRIGHT, is a saga I started many years ago after finishing a particularly brutal crime story that left me rather winded - the endless alleyways, seedy apartments and apathetic wastrels of that tale left me beaten and bruised. I needed something completely different. I needed a story about heroism against obvious evil, about decent people who react better to difficulties than I would, about true love and truer friendship.

The story I'm sharing here, "THE GIFT", was inked and lettered over five years ago, published in black & white and sold at cons. I thought that would be it, but cut to recent times and I felt the need to return to these two, to see where they were and how they were coping in this disastrous world they inhabited. I began "THE BANNER OF THE SERPENT" and realized I needed to share the first leg of their story with the world.

So here it is, the beginning, cleaned up and colored. I hope you enjoy your time with these two as much as I do.